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Love Is the Foundation of Good Leadership

Ask your team, “What do you need from us?”

Steve Farber is the president of Extreme Leadership, Incorporated, and the founder of The Extreme Leadership Institute, organizations devoted to the cultivation and development of Extreme Leaders in the business community, non-profits, and education.

Coaching and inspiring Extreme Leadership at all organizational levels is Steve’s passion, and he does so with a style that is part strategist, part social commentator, and all energy.

He is the author of, “Love is Just Damn Good Business" which addresses love as a hard-core business principle that generates measurable results.

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • It’s all about people
  • Peaks and valleys are a part of the entrepreneurial journey
  • What is your message to the world?
  • Say what you need to say in your own voice and put your ego aside
  • Encourage the heart, recognize and celebrate others
  • LEAP- Love, Energy, Audacity, Proof
  • Love is a practice and discipline
  • All businesses have a culture, be intentional about your culture
  • What should love look like in the way we do business?

Steve's Book Recommendation

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