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How to Live More Intentionally

"Many times people hate change because its’ not their change."

Shaun Rawls is the Founder and CEO of Rawls Consulting, a progressive, growth-minded organization that invests in people, businesses, and all aspects of residential and commercial real estate.

In his book “F-it-less,” Rawls offers new meaning and purpose to the term and mindset, “F-it!” by giving the reader a breakthrough transformational process to take action over giving up or giving in.

Rawls spent 25 years working in real estate, ultimately building Atlanta’s #1 residential real estate firm, “The Rawls Group of Keller Williams.”

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • We don’t get it right by being right
  • How entrepreneurs struggle with leverage
  • How we have to experience to learn
  • Trust and bet on yourself
  • Your business must have a bigger vision so others are included
  • Avoid living with mediocrity in your business
  • Face the music about your own limitations

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