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It’s Not About Making Money, It’s About Making a Difference

“People will do good business with organizations that do good.”

Who is Randy Ross?

Dr. Randy Ross is an entrepreneur, business owner of Remarkable, and 3 times Best Selling Author. Randy’s books include Remarkable, Relationomics, and his most recent release, Hope Rises.  

Randy shared he started as a Pastor and how that experience led him to where he is today. As a pastor, he would have many conversations with business owners and realized how he could impact them and their businesses. His mission is to help people understand how to live with purpose.  

In his first book, Remarkable, he provides a road map on value creation. Randy defines true value creation as providing world-class service that blows people away and exceeds their expectations. That way when you leave their presence, they irrepressibly talk about you.  

People will do good business with organizations that do good. It's not just about making money, it's about making a difference. Doesn’t matter what you produce, it’s about the impact you have on people. The belief that people will gladly pay full price for those things is what brings true value to life. It is about taking care of people. This is commonsensical yet not common practice. Albert Einstein said, “Any fool can take something simple and make it complex through convolution and misdirection.”

Relationomics is a business powered by relationships. Companies flounder when they do not build strong relationships with their people and teams. It gets off track when there is self-promotion, unhealthy competition, an I am going to win attitude, or where people use other people for personal gain.  

Randy shared his concept of net weaving vs networking. Net weaving is asking questions about the other person to understand their business and how you can help them. Most people are 2-3 introductions away from success.

What is Value Creation?

Value creation is contributing more to the other person than you take away. There are 2 kinds of people in the world, value creators and value extractors. The value creator is always thinking about how I can position myself to bring my very best to the table to contribute to others. You can’t go deep in relationships with the people you lead without knowing about them at a deep level. Today is the time to deepen relationships. Our world today is socially connected, relationally distant, and relationally bankrupt.

We all need more authenticity and transparency. Authenticity is about being honest about yourself with yourself. Transparency is about being honest with yourself with others.

What is the self-help conundrum? There is a lot of information and programs available for people, yet we can’t raise ourselves up on our own, because of blind spots. They are blind spots because we can’t see them.

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • The importance of relationships in business and life
  • What is true value creation?
  • Feedback is crucial for personal growth
  • People do business with companies because of their impact

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