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The New ABC- Always Be Connecting

“If you communicate correctly, you’ll never have to market again.”

Today we hear from Michael J. Maher, author, entrepreneur, and business owner. Michael wrote The 7 Levels of Communication, created the Generosity Generation, and is the founder of his company, REFERCO.

A big part of life is making others feel special. Michael's wake-up call came when he experienced a near-death experience and while in the hospital he created The 7 Levels of Communication.

He says writing power notes in blue ink captures the attention of the recipient. Handwritten notes are personalized and customized and have a long shelf life. Handwritten notes can also be sent to people we don't know very well. We have to feel the energy around others.

Ceilings usually come from a lack of partnership. Today it is more about collaboration than competition. Collaboration is a kick-starter for energy.

The consumer of today wants to be heard and helped. They want to be asked questions. Always be connecting. Nobody cares about your story until you hear their story. The ego era of the consumer was to find me, sell me, chase me, then sell me. Consumers of today say hear me, ask me questions, help me or connect me with someone who can.

Many talk about marketing, few talk about communication. When you communicate correctly, you will never have to market.

Create an army of ambassadors who tell your story for you. REFERCO was created to help companies develop programs to get their advocates/ambassadors to tell the companies story and help refer business to the company.

Michael shared the concept of the Upward Spiral of LIFE; 1st Step is to Learn. Step 2 is to Implement. Step 3 is Fail and Step 4 is Evaluate. This process never stops and is always ongoing.

No such thing as success or failure, only growth!


Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • Everyone talks about marketing, few talk about communications
  • The only reason to communicate with people online is to get them offline
  • Nobody cares about your story until you’ve heard their story
  • There is no such thing as success or failure-only growth
  • The best scenario is to WIN and LEARN

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