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The Power of One Another

“If this is the next 30 years of my life, is it enough?”

Genevieve M. Piturro founded the successful national nonprofit Pajama Program twenty years ago. She is now a professional speaker, consultant, and author, and has appeared in various media, including The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her mission is to inspire people to listen to their hearts. She is also the author of the new popular memoir, Purpose, Passion & Pajamas: How to Transform Your Life, Embrace the Human Connection, and Lead with Meaning

Genevieve takes us through her story of a triumphant leap off the corporate ladder to bringing pajamas to children in shelters. She shares how to listen to the voice in your heart and understand that change can be scary.  

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • Your heart voice
  • What is your awakening moment?
  • Keep asking and don’t stop asking for guidance or a sign
  • It can be scary to make a change and take a risk
  • One idea + human connection
  • Who are your cheerleaders?

Genevieve's Book Recommendation

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