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 Not Your Average Car Salesman

"I am in the hospitality business, not the car business."

Frank Crinite is one of America's top car sales consultants selling more than 100+ cars a month from Piazza Honda in Springfield, PA. While he continues to sell cars every day, Frank has a mission to change the way salespeople are trained to adapt to the changing sales environments in dealerships today.

Frank has personally sold more than 16,000 cars by building a loyal customer database, following a robust game plan, and becoming a marketing machine.

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • You must always evolve and grow
  • It's not no, it's no problem
  • Humanize yourself on social media
  • Be transparent
  • You need to partner with reciprocal businesses
  • It’s about customer flow
  • Earn the right to ask for a referral by giving world-class customer service
  • Stop reading your own press
  • There is always another level

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