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Happiness Is Not the Result of Being Successful

“Love what you do and the opportunities will follow.”

Dave Jenks is a successful entrepreneur, and co-author of the National Best Seller, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent.

Dave told us he never started out thinking he would be an entrepreneur.  His mentors and coaches had a significant impact on changing this thinking. They told him to learn everything you can from where you are at, at the time. Another powerful question to ask yourself is, what can I learn from this, no matter what this is?

When it comes to success, mindset is crucial. The unplanned life is not worth living, according to one of Dave’s early mentors. You need to ascertain what you want in every environment you are in.  

Selling is a profession and a fundamental process based upon communications. In studying Dale Carnegie’s’ works of How to Win Friends and Influence People and Stop Worrying and Start Living, Dave got clarity on the 1st of three Success Fundamentals, Human Relations. Human relations and the ability to relate to others was key in any endeavor.

The second fundamental was public speaking. Standing up and speaking your mind whether for profession or belief was a critical piece to his success.  

Writing was his third fundamental key to success. Everyone can learn writing skills and the ability to write and create is so important. You never know where opportunities will show up. Every time you see an opportunity to learn a new skill, take it on.  

Happiness is not a result of being successful, it is the cause of being successful. Don’t wait for happiness, instead seek it out. This comes from the book, Feeling Good, by Dr. David Burnes.   

Success is a momentum issue of your energy, attitude, and productivity. Keep in mind momentum can go either way. Written goals are another key to success. Less than 8% of people have written goals and are generally the ones who achieve goals at a high level. Learn the process of setting goals.

Life is not without sets backs and challenges. Write your own story full of courage and insight. Do things when you are not confident, just go do it!  

Advice for entrepreneurs today, expand your bandwidth. What new skills and knowledge can we learn today to have success tomorrow? It is also about self-mastery of our own emotions and feelings during adversity. Dave shared some great words for us to consider. 

Believe in yourself and in your purpose. Do it with love and optimism. Use every opportunity to expand. Do it your own way.

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • Having role models, coaches, and mentors make a big difference
  • Be learning based
  • 3 fundamentals of success
  • Do not wait for happiness, seek it out

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