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The True Currency in Life Is Relationships

"Get to know people for who they are, not what they do.”

In this episode, we sit down with Curtis Lewsey, the founder of AM Cards and the author of Appreciation Marketing.

Curtis shares how a peer who was getting referrals from his territory, taught him one of the best lessons he's ever learned. “Get to know people for who they are, not what they do." Go deep with them and find out about their families, what they enjoy doing, and their hobbies. This advice allowed him to go from almost getting out of the business, to becoming #1 in sales out of 1,200 salespeople.

He then shares some great questions to ask someone to get to know them.

What is your story? Ask them about themselves.

What led you into this business or job? How did you end up in this industry? What makes you feel the most alive?”  

There is a difference between purpose and passion. Sometimes people are in roles that are not their purpose. One of the biggest competitive advantages in business is to say, “THANK YOU.” When you show appreciation and gratitude, it seems to be common sense, although it is not common practice. Do it in a way that stands out! Create a WOW.

“If you don’t build something you own, you may be wasting your time.” This prompted Curtis to start Appreciation Marketing Cards, also known as AM Cards.

Do not try to get something alone. There is so much wisdom from others who have lived before you. Sometimes the opportunity in front of us provides us something we were not expecting. Have multiple mentors and coaches in various industries.

What is AM Cards?

Impact of the single card. One of Curtis’s mentors shared a great piece of advice, never outsource your heart. Do not have your assistant call your best friend and wish them a Happy Birthday, YOU DO THAT! Sometimes we need to slow down to speed up. Do not expect anything in return, yet when you give, it will come back to you in multitude.

A card or note leads to conversation. Conversations lead to opportunities and opportunities lead to closed business. When you find something that works, keep doing that, and ask for feedback to improve your systems. Be coachable and be committed. Watch who you are getting advice from.

Best advice you have ever received? William E. Bailey, who was a mentor for Jim Rohn shared a great quote. “Start with the truth because you are going to end with it.”

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • How to show up in people's lives and get to know them for who they are
  • The power of gratitude and the unexpected thank you
  • How to ask the right questions
  • Appreciation Marketing
  • Connecting with people
  • Start with the truth as you will always end with it
  • Understanding the value of having mentors and coaches in different areas of your life
  • 30-day challenge

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