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How to Build a Massive Business Succeeding Through Others

"Relationships trump any dollar or task."

Craig Owen is a multiple Keller Williams Franchise Owner, entrepreneur, and father of 5 in San Antonio. Craig leads one of the largest real estate offices in the country with over 1100 agents.

Craig discusses how great leaders lead through others. Relationships are the key to effective leadership. He says just because you have a special sauce, does not automatically guarantee success. It’s not the answers he gives people, it's the questions he asks.

Here's What We Cover in This Episode

  • How to measure up to the very best in your industry
  • Attraction vs promotion
  • Opportunities are earned
  • Mastery takes time
  • All companies rise and fall on their leadership
  • Leadership is nothing more and nothing less than influence
  • Consulting is critical, give people grace
  • Value creation
  • Leader vulnerability

Craig's Book Recommendation

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