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"Pat, you certainly changed the way I looked at things and the things I look at have changed. You challenged me to conquer things I might have only dreamed of." -Angelo P.

"A true leader that was 100% focused on enhancing lives" -Jim R.

"Thank you for being a great leader, coach, and person. It will be 11 years on February 15th you added years to my life by coaching me through quitting smoking. Forever grateful!" - David M.

"You have impacted many people's lives and mine being one of them. Keep inspiring others and being the leader you are as you have a gift and have touched many and time to take that to the next level and touch millions!" -Scott M.

"Thank you Pat for your leadership, inspiration, and pushing us to be better leaders." -Julie C.

"Your moxie and your talents touched me at a critical time and helped move me forward in my journey. You’ve changed my life." -Peter C.

My name is Pat Mancuso, the host of The Success Ascent Podcast. I am truly grateful you have arrived at our home for entrepreneurial growth.

Our mission is to create an environment where you will discover others that have lived before you. It is okay not to be perfect, as it is about progress, not perfection. The key is to focus on movement, not necessarily the direction you move.                                        

At The Success Ascent, we sit down with high-performing successful entrepreneurs and business owners and walk with them on their journey. They will share what it took to achieve their success, the struggles they experienced, and fundamental concepts they used to breakthrough their ceilings. I will also take you through my journey as an entrepreneur and business owner over the last 31 years. You will hear what I have learned, where I have failed, my successes, and how I have helped people transform their lives and businesses.             

I have been very blessed to have worked with and coached some of the top entrepreneurs and business owners across North America. In fact, I have facilitated over 25,000 one-on-one coaching conversations where the #1 goal is business and life transformation. This is not to brag. It is about time on task because that matters. Many people call themselves coaches and have never had any formal training or actually hosted calls and helped people transform their business and life.         

Over the last 11 years, I have been apart of one of the most successful training and coaching events to ever be delivered. Having worked with over 12,000 students in live classrooms, as well as a 41,000 person digital event, I believe has expanded my ability to help people transform their lives and businesses. My belief is every conversation has the potential to transform someone, and therefore transform the world.    

Are you ready to transform your business and your life by using proven systems and strategies so you can work SMARTER not HARDER?

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